September 19, 2016


Races everywhere this weekend

This weekend there were races everywhere!  We did our best to support them, and the Riviera Team divided and conquered events all over the place.

Round The Rock -  Seattle ,WA.

Riviera Paddle surf boards, round the rock sup paddle race

Round the Rock is the biggest Race of the year in the Northwest, and has been for years.  We have been a long time supporter of this race and this year it had a great turn out despite the weather taking a turn for the worse.  The day started out nice then the winds picked up to 25mph making the race impossible for some to finish.  Dan Eberhart and Jeff Underwood do a great job organizing this race.

Margaritaville Cup - Florida

Ryan Helm, Will Connaughton, and Kim Barnes raced the Margarittaville Cup this weekend, with Ryan, and Kim both winning the race on their RP-12'6" and RP-14' Raceboards.  Ryan and Kim teamed up with Kieran Grant to win the team Relay as well.  All in a days work.

California Races

Water Warrior - Oceanside, CA

The Water Warrior Amphibious Assault race is about as unique as it's name.  Part obstacle course through sand pits and floating bounce houses, part SUP Racing in and out through the surf.  This year saw some good competition with Chucky Glynn taking 1st, Riviera Team Rider Nick Scheel taking 2nd, and Trevor Bashor taking 3rd in the mens race.  While Riviera's Shae Foudy & Jade Howson took 1st and 2nd in the women's race.

Shae Foudy

Nick Scheel on the podium.Jade Howson

Beyond the Shore Paddlefest

Beyond the shore paddle fest is a SUP Race and SUP Yoga event that raises awareness to ocean cinservation.  100% of the proceeds go to the foundations listed on their website HERE...

Shae foudy took 1st place in the Womens race on her RP-12'6 Raceboard, and Daniel russell took 5th on his Riviera 14' behind, Danny Ching, Slater Trout, Martin Vitry, and Greg Closier.

SUP Jr Games -  Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a large group of SUP Paddlers and Racers, especially a growing crew of junior paddlers.  The youth SUP race The Puerto Rico SUP Jr. Games was this past weekend and the up and coming paddlers were there in full force. Riviera Team Rider Dessiree Hernandez came home with the win on her RP-12'6".



September 12, 2016


Ocean Warrior Challenge - 2016 - Blueline Surf Co.

The 2nd Annual Blueline Ocean Warrior Challenge went down this past weekend in Florida.  Riviera's Brandon Rambo, Ryan Helm, Kim Barnes, Will Connaughton and more came to race and enjoy the event.  Blueline Has a great crew of paddlers and employees, and we have been working with them for a long time now.

Ryan Helm and Kim Barnes have been training hard this year, and both of them came away with wins in the Men's 14' and Womens 12'6"Races.  Brandon Rambo Riviera Sales Manager came away with a 2nd Place in the Men's 12'6" Elite race.

September 12, 2016


The Japan Cup 2016

The Japan Cup is one of the most prestigious races of the year help at Chigasaki Beach in Japan.  Brandon Rambo, Taylor Rambo, and Ryan Helm made the trip out last year where Ryan had a heartbreak of a race snapping his leash with 2 turns to go... Going from 1st place to last place in a split second... 

This year Riviera Team Riders from Japan represented with incredible finishes from Takayo Yokohama & Kaito Miyakoshi. 

Takayo placed 4th, and 3rd in the Survivor and distance races.
Kaito Placed 8th & 10th against a stacked men's field of racers.

August 23, 2016


Gorge Paddle Challenge


The Gorge Paddle Challenge was this past weekend, and the Riviera team was there in full force with Their RP-Series Racebards [see them here].  It is a big production getting our team riders to and from races with all their equipment, but Riviera Sales Rep Monty Roach made the drive from Southern Ca, with a trailer full of boards up to The Gorge. 

The crew of Riviera Team paddlers this trip included Shae Foudy, Ryan Helm, Jade Howson, Talia Decoite, Nick Scheel, Cyril Burierre, Kim Barnes, and Daniel Russel. 

The team riders chose between our RP-Series Raceboards, or the RP-Downwind Raceboards for the flat water and downwind races. 

Day 1 of the racing Shae Foudy took 4th place with some of the SUP Racing greats.  One of the most impressive results was of Jade Howson...  14 years old and Finished 7th Place in the Course Race, then took 11th place  overall in the double downwind races the following day.

The Men's team had great finishes on day 1 as well with Ryan Helm 21st, Nick Scheel 29, Cyril Burgierre 31, and Daniel Russel 33rd.  Although finishing out of the top 20 doesn't seem that great on paper.  Check out the list of names in the top 40.



August 17, 2016


Shae Foudy wins the Quiksilver Waterman Survivor Race

Last weekend The Jamie Mitchel Survivor race hosted by Quiksilver Waterman went down in Huntington Beach.  There were top paddlers from  all over the world.  We had the whole team there including Ryan Helm, Shae Foudy, Jade Howson, Cyril Bugierre, Daniel Russel, Talia Decoite, Taylor Rambo, Brandon Rambo, & Mace Camhe. 

The conditions were bumpy with an onshore wind and small waves.  It was all about getting a good start and making it through the surf cleanly.  Shae Foudy had an incredible race taking 1st or second in 4 of the 5 heats beating Candace, Anabel, and the rest of the field.  Shae has won the Santa Monica Race twice, and now the Survivor race in a stacked womens field to now be considered one of the top women paddlers in the world.

The racing went well for the rest of the team as well.  Jade Howson battled back from getting taken out in the surf.  Talia finished 8th after snapping her Paddle against Terene's board.

August 03, 2016


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2017 Riviera Paddlesurf Product Release

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Dear Valued Customer,

This is a big moment for Riviera as we have been working hard on our 2017 product line. A few new additions in 2017 are the 11’6” Voyager touring board for light weight paddlers, our environmentally friendly and durable Eco Molded Blanks come standard on 90% of our board line, and the release of our 26mm Flex Shaft BUMP Paddle available in 7” and 7.5” blade widths. Look forward to more lightweight “Stressed” paint options throughout the new line, as well as our comfortable and grippy Plush Diamond Grip traction on all 2017 board models. A key update to our paddle line is an anti-twist oval shaft with updated clamp and graphics to our best selling Vantage Adjustable Paddle.

Riviera is proud to be one of a few SUP companies to sell its products exclusively through specialty retail rather than big box establishments or online only. We owe much of our success to the specialty retailer who has been a crucial part of Riviera’s growth as a brand. Thanks to our in-house team, sales reps, and hard-working 20+ distribution operations across multiple countries, we will keep pumping out great product for years to come.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to a great 2017!

- Riviera Paddlesurf

Having trouble viewing the catalog? See it HERE.

July 28, 2016


Dealer Spotlight ›  

Dealer Spotlight - Third Coast Paddling

Third Coast Paddling

Location: Benton Harbor, Michigan

Main Contact: Ryan Gerard (Owner)

What got you into the SUP Business?

Surfing got us into SUP, It was a natural fit for us in 2007 and we've been going strong since.

What is your most memorable moment in SUP?

Cruising the local river with my wife, and paddling Lake Michigan with my son.

How does SUP complement your business?

SUP is a natural fit for our two surf shops and paddling store. We surf, but we paddle when it's flat.

Where do you like to paddle?

We have Lake Michigan, multiple rivers, and hundreds of lakes nearby. The possibilities are endless.

Favorite local restaurant for an after paddle meal.

The Livery Microbrewery

What is your favorite local SUP event?

Demos with customers and community paddle nights every Thursday

July 25, 2016


Welcome to the Team Natua Teriitahi

We would like to welcome the newest team rider to Riviera, Natua Teriitahi.  View his Bio Here.

July 20, 2016


Maui 2 Molokai

This past weekend the Maui 2 Molokai went down which is one of the best downwinders that you could ask for. Riviera Team Rider Jade Howson and 2 of her friends (Jack Hedden and Ryder Tremble) took on the challenge of this 27 mile journey. 

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July 19, 2016


San Clemente Ocean Festival

The San Clemente Ocean Festival is an exciting fun packed event with all sorts of Ocean Challenges. This past weekend the Riviera Team competed in SUP Surfing, a 10K Distance Race and a Surf Race. With a tough playing field the team did well for themselves.

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