Chance Fielder

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Birth date: 5-30-72

Birth Place: Van Nuys, CA

Hometown: Dana Point, CA

Started Paddling: 2010

SUP Surfboard: Nugget, Machete

SUP Raceboard: RP-12’6 & RP-14’

SUP Paddle: Bump 8.0”, 8.5”

Other sports and hobbies: Mt. Biking, Surfing, OC

Music: Rasta, Refuse it

Movie: Ted

Food: Mexican

Quote: There are sharks in the water but we still swim, embrace the chaos and life might astonish you!

Sponsors: Riviera Paddlesurf, Zeal Optics

Career Accomplishments



3rd Place 14' - Hano Hano - 1/25



1st Place Overall Another Dam Race

1st Place Overall BOP Open Distance

1st Place Overall Round the Rock

6th Place Overall Tahoe Nalu

1st Place Overall Tommy Zahn DW

1st Place Overall Malibu DW

6th Place Overall US SUP Tour HB

3rd Place Overall US Championships

5th Place Overall Surf Tech Shootout

3rd Place Overall Dana Point Ocean Challenge

2nd Place Overall Hal Rosoff Classic

4th Place Overall Hanohano Ocean Challenge



1st Place Overall Becky Stuart Memorial

1st Place Overall Race to the Dam

3rd Place Overall Battle of the Paddle Distance Race

2nd Place Overall San Clemente Ocean Festival

10th Place Overall US Championships

1st Place Overall Dana Point Ocean Challenge

3rd Place Overall Santa Monica Paddle Board Ocean Fest

3rd Place Overall Malibu Downwinder

4th Place Overall Watermans Paddle 4 Humanity

3rd Place Overall Mike Eaton La Jolla Cove

5th Place Overall Hanohano Ocean Challenge

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