Jade Leilani

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Birth Date: August 19th, 2002

Birth Place: Laguna Beach, Ca.

Home town: Laguna Beach, Ca.

Started paddling: 2010

Sup Race board: Custom RP 12’6”, RP 11’0”

Other Sports/Hobbies: Soccer, Surfing, Guitar, Ukulele

Music: Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Ramones, Katy Perry

Movie: Anything Bugs Bunny

Food: Spam Musubi

Quote: Why do people say the skies the limit when there are footprints on the moon?

Sponsors: Riviera Paddlesurf, Mom and Dad

Coaching: The Paddle Academy, Mike Eisert, Jaime Donnelly, Brian Haag, and Rob Rojas


Career accomplishments


4th Place - Girls - Hano Hano

Participant - Hal Rosoff

4th Place - Girls Under 12 - Dana Ocean Challenge

1st Place - Girls 18 & Under - Adler Paddler

2nd Place - Girls 17 & Under - California Coastal Relay

2nd Place - Kid's Race - Paddle for the Cure

3rd Place - Girls 9/10yrs. Surf Race - SUP Fiesta



1st Place - Girls - Hovie N.A.C. SUP Fest

2nd Place Overall - Hovie N.A.C. SUP Fest

1st Place - Girls 9/10yrs. - Battle of the Paddle

1st Place - Girls 17 & Under - Big Bear Paddle fest

1st Place - Girls - Noah Kalama

Participant - Stand up for the cure

Participant - Adler Paddler

1st Place - Girls 11/12yrs. - Turkey Paddle

Additional - U12 AYSO soccer league champions



2nd Place - Girls 9/10yrs. - Battle of the Paddle

Participant - Adler Paddler

Riviera Paddle Team

U10 AYSO Soccer League Champs



2nd Place - Freestyle - Regional Swim Championships

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