Linda Brown

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Linda "Cakes" Brown

Owner; Paddle the Mitten & SUP Michigan

When's your Birthday?
I'm a typical October baby! Strikingly balanced, out-going, and a people pleaser. My age? I'm 46! I love my age because I've learned enough lessons in life that now I can be authentic and happy!

Where have you lived?
I was born and raised in the Mitten State, Michigan. Since HS I've lived on the beaches of Florida, attended Graduate school & surf/SUP'd in Santa Cruz, California and taught high school in Baltimore, Maryland. Yosemite National Park and the Big Island are 2 places I conducted extensive geological studies. Currently, I am retired from teaching and live right where I began my life.

When did you start stand up paddling?

Favorite SUP Boards?
The Yoga Mat & The Voyager Classic

Favorite SUP Paddle?
Vantage Art Series - The Camo paddle!

Any other sports & interests?
When I'm not guiding SUP adventures or teaching H2YO & Lotus SUP Yoga on the water, you can find me out backpacking, upland bird hunting, snow shoeing, riding Harley's, being a Foodie, & training for extreme wiener dog races. My goal is to explore every National Park in the USA....I'm over halfway there!

Likes: Helping others, Big Foot, tan lines

Dislikes: Shady people, snapping turtles, CANCER

Quote: "I'd rather wear out than rust out."

What things do you endorse?
Riviera Paddle Surf, Ford Motor Co., Lotus SUP Yoga, Sweet Water Wear, Indo Yoga Boards, H2YO, Teva Insider, Samata Magazine, Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Warriors

What's in the future?
In the past 4 years, I've been a strong advocate of SUP instruction & safety. Continuing with that path, I will be also promoting Lotus SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings, instruction support for Riviera Dealers and spreading the stoke of paddling throughout the Great Lakes Region & Nationally.. My company, Paddle the Mitten-SUP Michigan has 2 locations and we have SUP events for cancer patients and local causes already planned. 2014 is going to be a great Rivi year traveling!X

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