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Birth Date: 08/22//73

Birth Place: Arcadia, Ca.

Hometown: San Clemente

Started Paddling: 1994

SUP Surfboard: Riviera Nugget and Turbo Nugg

SUP Raceboard: Riviera Paddlesurf, (RP) 12’6” , RP 14, and the RP Unlimited.

SUP Paddle: Riviera Bump Paddle 8”

Music: Pretty much any song that makes you happy. When you are happy, you paddle fast!!!

Movie: The Godfather Trilogy. I can watch it over and over again.

Food: Penne Al Arrabiatta with Meatballs. The measure of a good Italian food restaurant is the tanginess of the sauce and the firmness of the meatballs.

Quote: “Leave the gun take the cannoli.” -Peter Clemenza

Sponsors: Riviera Paddlesurf, Oneill, Maui Jim, Watermans Sunscreen, Onit Pro, H2O Overdrive, Futures Fins, Paddlepower Trainer/ Dibetta Training and Nielsen-Kellerman Speedcoach

Social Media: Facebook Page | Instagram Page

career accomplishments:


24 hour paddle to raise funds and awareness for Ocean of Hope

1st Place - Emerald Bay 14 Mile Distance Race - Race the Lake of the sky

New Course Record - Emerald Bay 14 Mile Distance Race - Race the Lake of the sky

1st Place - Adler Paddler

3rd Place - 14' Class - San Clemente Ocean Festival


1st Place - Unlimited Class Distance - BOP

1st Place Overall - Oneill Tahoe Series

1st Place Overall - Oneill Jam From the Dam

1st Place Overall - Oneill Donner Lake Race

1st Place Overall - 22 Miler - Oneill Tahoe Fall Classic

1st Place - Emerald Bay 14 Mile Distance Race - Race the Lake of the sky

SUP Course Record Holder - Emerald Bay 14 Mile Distance Race - Race the Lake of the sky

4th Place - 14' Class - Lanakila Classic - 2/22

4rd Place - 14' Class - Hal Roscoff - 2/8

9th Place - 14' Class - Hano Hano - 1/25



1st Place - Oneill Tahoe Series race #1, (Donner Lake).

2nd Place Overall - Oneill Tahoe Series.

1st Place - SUP in the Florida Cup.

3rd Place - Prone unl. Rock to Rock.

Top 10 Rookie finisher in the Catalina Classic.



1st Place - Elite (SUP) Oneill SEA Paddle in NYC.

1st Place Overall - BOP Distance Race.

2nd Place Overall - Team USA in the ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championships.



1st Place - Elite Oneill SEA Paddle in NYC.

1st Place Overall - Tahoe Fall Classic.

1st Place - (SUP) in the Key West Classic.

2nd Place - Unlimited SUP in the BOP Distance Race.



2nd Place Overall - BOP Distance Race.

1st Place - Distance Race (SUP) in the Tahoe Nalu

2nd Place - Elite Race in the Tahoe Nalu.

1st Place - Watermans Paddle For Humanity in Dana Point.

2nd Place - Elite Race in the H2O Overdrive SUP Cup.

1st Place - Hennesseys International Championships.



2nd Place Overall - BOP Distance Race.

1st Place - Jam from the Dam, (Tahoe).

1st Place - Hobie/Hennesseys Waterman Challenge.


Coming to Rivi:

First off I have always wanted to know if there is a blood relationship between Brad Rambo and the legendary all American Hero, John Rambo. Legend has it that only Riviera Team Riders know the secret.

I grew up in San Clemente and moved to the Riviera neighborhood in 1987 when my parents finished building their house there. I hammered some of the nails that hold that house together. I have always had pride in my home and where I grew up. Over the years, Riviera State Beach, (Rivi), has always been a place where I have surfed, bodysurfed, dove, hung out with friends and family, and its always served as a place to sit down, relax, and look out over the water at one of many San Clemente sunsets and give thanks for this wonderful life.

I started paddling in 1994 and started Stand Up Paddling in 2006. I competed in my first Stand Up Race in 2008 and its been a wild ride ever since. Since 2008, I have always known the Riviera Paddlesurf Family and I enjoyed seeing their progression and growth within the Stand Up Paddle Industry to one of the most progressive and largest brands out there. With this, the Riviera Paddlesurf Family has still managed to flood San Clemente as well as the Stand Up Community with their sense of family and generosity. Stories abound of people talking first hand of their sense of goodwill. Most recently, I spoke with a longtime friend who stated he received a package on his doorstep that consisted of a Riviera SUP and paddle as a retirement gift. In addition, the Rambos have opened their home to the Stand Up Paddling community for two consecutive years for their annual post Battle of the Paddle party. If that’s not Aloha, then I don’t know what is.

I am stoked and excited to be able to be a part of the Riviera Paddlesurf Family along with my son, who is part of their junior team. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with the Riviera Paddlesurf Family and I am so stoked to be a part of this great sport!!!