Shipping Damage Guide

Download Freight Damage Form HERE

Riviera Paddlesurf is proud to stand behind all freight damages, if noted and handled properly. We go

to great lengths to make sure freight is delivered properly and that all claims are filed and credited in a

timely manner.  Damages that are noted properly are credited or replaced ASAP. Those that are not noted

(concealed damage) are still fought by Rivera’s Customer Service department but no claim dollar amount

can be guaranteed. Claims can take anywhere from 30 to 120 day to be fully processed.

• Valid proof of purchase from Authorized Riviera Paddlesurf dealer.
• Photos of board clearly showing damage.
• Model of board.
• You must be original purchaser.
• Riviera Paddlesurf will decide if damage falls under warranty guidelines.
• Warranty claim form must be filled out and returned to your dealer within 7 days from date of
which defect was discovered.

Limited warranty does not cover:
• Damages that are either not marked or refused at the time of delivery.

- All boards and packages must be inspected upon arrival; any damage must be noted on the BOL.
Riviera Paddlesurf is not liable for damages not noted for.

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