Jeff Clark - 9'6" & 10'6" Big Wave SUP

9'6" x 28.5" x 4.6" - Volume: 138 Liters
10'6" x 29" x 4.7" - Volume: 160 Liters
Fin System: Futures Fins (Quad + 1)

  • The Jeff Clark 10’6” Riviera Sup Gun is the result of shaping surfsailing boards in the 80’s as well as big wave guns to surf Mavericks. The combination of rocker profiles that I use and the innovations in bottom and rail designs has allowed me to produce with Riviera a SUP Big Wave Gun.

    The most unique design innovation for this sup gun is the rail chine that allows less wetted surface when getting on a plane. Once on a plane it allows you to roll into your turns effortlessly and powerfully. Inside the chine rails, the bottom is a single to double concave that has been one of the most proven and most ridden in all surfboards to date. The combination of all these designs has allowed me to produce a big wave gun that you can paddle out into any big wave surf with confidence.

    I set this board up with Controller side fins and a 6.5” full base speed foil center fin.

    Another benefit of the chine rail, is the ability of this board to pull up high on the face, and when you are ready to release away you don’t have to worry about catching your rail on the outside.
    The rocker of this board is the same that I use on my big wave guns, it will fit in the most demanding places that big waves have to offer.

    - Jeff Clark

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