ASSET ADJUSTABLE - R8.5 Carbon Fiber

The New ADJUSTABLE feature on this paddle makes it perfect for sharing, giants, and kids that are growing up too fast.  Half way down the shaft there is a throw back lever that you pull out while lengthening and push back down once at the fixed height. 

This paddle has a Carbon shaft and Fiberglass blade.  The flex pattern is perfect for beginner to novice paddlers.  With just enough flex to accelerate and hold its shape but will also be easy on the paddlers body.  Having a fair amount of volume towards the bottom of the blade will help in short strokes when catching waves or in sprints.


Blade Length: 17.25"
Blade Width: 8.5"
Blade Surface Area: 116 inch2 / 752 cm2
Total Paddle Weight: 22 oz. (approx.- uncut w/ handle)
Angle of Blade: 10°

Range: 68 1/2" to 98" 

Weight: 22 oz.


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