BUMP - R7.5 Carbon Fiber

  • The Riviera "BUMP" Paddle is the most technical paddle in the Riviera Paddles lineup. The "BUMP" features a carbon fiber weave around the shaft providing the ultimate grip, comfort and power for all paddling strokes. The 7.5" "BUMP" comes standard with our “Chokehold” extended ergo handle, allowing paddlers to choke down on their paddle to amplify torque to their stroke. The "BUMP" paddle has a wet sand finished to add even more grip, save weight, and give it a stealth look.

  • BUMP - R7.5

    Blade Length: 17.25"
    Blade Width: 7.5"
    Blade Surface Area: 107 inch2 / 690 cm2
    Paddle Weight: 17 oz. (approx.- uncut w/ handle)
    Blade Angle: 10°

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