Santa Cruz Paddle Fest - Part 2 [VIDEO]

The Santa Cruz Paddle Fest again was a great event...  Like the last 3 years we got great waves.  It was head high to double overhead all weekend.  The team had a great time and Riviera's Own Brandon Rambo took 2nd Place against some of the best SUP surfers in the world on his 7'2 El Tigre.

In the Race Shae Foudy took close 2nd place on her RP-12'6"x22" behind Fiona, and Ryan Helm battled it out with Mo, Slater and Giorgio for a 4th Place finish on his RP-14'x23".  

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Riviera Paddlesurf
Riviera Paddlesurf

May 27, 2016

Hi Shane,

We are glad you like the video. The paddler at 2min 16sec. is our team rider Ryan Helm on his Riviera Paddlesurf pro model the Whirling Dervish. He is an incredibly talented SUP Surfer & SUP Racer.

Below are some links you might be interested in checking out.

The Whirling Dervish:

Ryan Helm’s team page:

Riviera Paddlesurf Paddling Videos:

Shane Murrell
Shane Murrell

March 29, 2016

Like the video. Whats the guy riding at 2.minutes 16 sec . White board with cut off nose , yellow and blue stripes. Looks super smooth. Saw him on another video somewhere and he was ripping to.
Cheers Shane

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