2016 Mickey Munoz Mongoose Cup

This past weekend was the Mongoose Cup here in Dana Point, CA.

The Riviera crew was in full force with Brennan Rose, Rob Rojas, Nick Scheel, Taylor Rambo, Brandon Rambo, Brad Rambo, Mace Comhe, Robert Howson, Conrad Rojas, Shae Foudy, Jade Howson, Alex Higginson and Sarah Messina all competing for the win.

Nick Scheel & Shae Foudy ended up taking the Mongoose Cup Award!!!

Men's SOK Time Trial 14'

2nd- Brennan Rose

3rd- Daniel Russell

4th- Rob Rojas

9th- Brad Rambo 

14th- Mace Comhe

Men's SOK Time Trial 12'6"

2nd- Daniel Russell

4th- Nick Scheel

5th- Taylor Rambo

11th- Robert Howson

12th- Brandon Rambo

13th- Rob Rojas 

Men's Sport of Kings Sprint Race

2nd- Nick Scheel

4th- Daniel Russell

11th- Taylor Rambo

17th- Rob Rojas

Prone Time Trial SOK

1st- Brennan Rose

2nd- Rob Rojas 

 Women's SOK Time Trial 12'6"

1st- Shae Foudy 

3rd- Jade Howson

5th- Alex Higginson

7th- Sarah Massina

Women's Sport of Kings Sprint Race

1st- Shae Foudy 

2nd- Jade Howson

4th- Alex Higginson


Kid's Time Trial 12'6"

3rd- Conrad Rojas




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