2016 Carolina Cup

The Carolina Cup went off last weekend and once again cemented itself as one of the toughest SUP races of the year.  The level of paddling this year was incredible to see with about 18 paddlers in the lead Men's pack for 12 of the 13 Miles!  Team Riviera made the trip out to North Carolina to compete and participate in the weekend events.  As the Race started Cyril Burgiere rocketed out to the first buoy turning inside the top 10... After 13 Miles Cyril finished 30th.

The start didn't go as well for Ryan Helm who snapped his fin box at the start...  After paddling for the next few minutes in the race he tried to convince himself that the squirrely feeling of having no fin in his RP-14' was just the currents or bump on the water, so he kept his head down and didn't quit.  He finally knew there was in fact no fin at all when he made it to the inlet and lost control on a wave.  At this point he was still not too far behind the lead pack of 20+ guys.  With around 10 Miles to go he continued with the race finishing 38th!  Fin-less!!  All that Fin-less surfing definitely helped.

Shae Foudy had an great race finishing 6th in Women's despite paddling the majority of the race on her own with no draft train to work with.  Shae has been working hard this year and it's paying off with a finish like this against the toughest racers in the world.

Nick Scheel is one of the up and coming paddlers on Team Riviera, he is working his way into the 14' Class after racing 12'6 for the past few years.  Nick is a past winner of the Carolina Cup 12'6" men's class.  He went 2nd Place to Danny Ching at the Mongoose Cup a couple weeks ago, and finished 32nd this weekend in North Carolina.  The Top 40 in this race was pretty highly contested so this was a great achievement...  The level of paddling this year was incredible.

Kim Barnes also had a great race taking 10th place in the women's class on her RP-12'6".  This race separates the paddlers that have put in the training and Kim proved that she can go the distance with the top female paddlers.

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