Some weekends there are no events, sometimes there is 1 event.  This weekend there were events everywhere.  Across the world, and we did our best to support all of them...

Stand Up for the cure - Saturday - Newport Beach, CA

This event is dear to us after helping to start it a few years ago.  It has become a favorite of ours and has branched out from the Newport Beach Event to Events in Florida, and Michigan.  What we like most about this event is it gathers a different group of paddlers that we don't see at races or professional SUP Surf Contests.  It reminds us of the times just a few years ago when everyone was new to the sport.  Getting a first time padler on the water to enjoy the day is quite rewarding, and we had 20+ paddlers come down to paddle not to mention the 400+ paddlers that came with their own boards to join in on the fun paddle around Newport Back Bay.

Mexican Nationals - Sayulita, Mexico

The Mexican Nationals SUP Contest in Sayulita went off this weekend.  Riviera's own Felipe 'Pipe" Rodriguez took 1st place on his El Tigre SUP Surfboard followed by Fernando Stalla, Felipe Hernandez (Riviera El Tigre), and Javier Bicho Jimenez. 

Felipe "Pipe"  is an incredible SUP Surfer, and were stoked to see him take a win and get a spot on the National team and get the Chance to compete again in the ISA Worlds in Fiji...  Go Pipe!

Junior SUP Fiesta -  Newport Beach, CA

The Junior SUP Fiesta is a youth even put on by Quickblade and Candice Appleby.  It was held at The Newport Aquatic Center just a mile from the Stand Up for the Cure.  Our Junior paddlers spent the day at the Standup for the Cure then headed over to NAC for racing that afternoon.  It was great to see so many youth paddlers racing.  Some new paddlers and some kids that have been paddling for years.  It is great to see how far these kids have come after paddling for only a few years.  The Riviera Youth team did great.  Shae Foudy, Jade Howson, Alex Higginson, Conrad Rojas, and more all showed up to race their RP-12'6" x 22" Raceboards.  Results to Come.

Orange Bowl Paddle Championships - Miami, FL

The Orangebowl Paddle Championships is a long running event in Florida.  This year the Riviera Team was in full force with Kim Barnes Taking 1st in the Womens 14' Class & Riviera Rep Will Connaughton was there to demo Riviera Boards and paddles for the competitors.

Aguadilla Crash Boat Race - Puerto Rico

Not to be outdone, there was a race in Puerto Rico as well.  Riviera Dealer Verde Azul and their crew was down there to support.  The paddling in PR is awesome and the youth are excited about racing.  Riviera Team Rider Desiree Hernandez took 3rd place in the 14 Mile race on her RP-12'6 x 24".  Nice work Desiree!

 Besides All these events all over the world, and I bet we missed a few on this list, there was a lot of fun to be had paddling everywhere else.  Below are a few pictures from the weekend adventures.

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May 10, 2016

Hi….went to the Miami event this past weekend and really had a great time! Got the op to demo your boards and I loved them. …going to make a purchase! Shout out to your rep Will who really went the extra mile with me….

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