Dealer Spotlight - Sun Dog Surf Shop

Sun Dog Surf Shop

Location: White Rock BC, Canada

Main Contact: Scott Robertson

What got you into the SUP business?

A surfer for 20 years and a personal trainer for 25...stand-up paddling was the perfect fit for me, my friends and my clients.

You see...sadly, there's no surf where we live!! Yes, it's a beautiful beach town, but it's protected by a string of wave-stopping islands....forcing us to always have to travel to surf. We tried to fill the void with Kitesurfing and Wakeboarding...but it was just never the same as the pure stoke we all got from riding waves.

When SUP came was just like magic!!! Sure, there were still no waves, but now we have an amazing SUP race community, along with an ever-growing group of downwind fanatics and river surfers too.

What is your most memorable moment in SUP?

My most memorable moments have been while hosting the SUNDOG Semiahmoo SUP Classic races - right here in White Rock!

A small group of local paddlers spread the word that our shop would be hosting a big race...long before they decided to inform us about it. Well, so many people were so stoked about the event, that we just couldn't say no.

Since then, it has grown into one of the largest (and most fun)  SUP races in all of Canada...and because of where we are located (right on the Canada / US border) we draw athletes from Washington and Oregon too!

How does SUP complement your business?


Where do you like to paddle?

I like to paddle right here in our backyard...but I LOVE to paddle at San Onofre. For me, Dog Patch is better than Disneyland.

What is your favorite local restaurant for an after paddle meal?

Vancouver has spectacular beaches and inter-urban waterways all throughout the city. When paddling in the downtown area, we like hit the Shameful Tiki Room - for the Shrimp Skewers, the "Tiki Tacos" and some of their famous cocktails. You gotta try the Flaming Volcano Bowl!!!

What is your favorite local SUP event?

SUNDOG Semiahmoo SUP Classic races - right here in White Rock!

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