Dealer Spotlight - Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks Inc.

Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks Inc.


130 Kailua Rd.
Kailua Hi, 96734

Main Contact: Devin Moody (Manager)

What got you into the SUP business?

We began as a windsurfing company in the early eighties but more and more have been shifting to kayaks and other more accessible sports. The first time I hear about SUPs I thought they were too specialized but as Is now evident, I was very wrong. We now have around 40 Stand Up Paddle boards in our rental fleet.

What is your most memorable moment in SUP?

There’s a hidden plane wreck from WWII just outside of Kailua Bay that lies in only about 10 feet of water. The first time I found it was incredible, and stand up paddling gives you the best vantage to see down into the water to spot it. We just tied off to the fuselage and free dove for hours in crystal blue water. This was my most memorable SUP experience.

How does SUP complement your business?

Kailua has offshore islands that are ‘destinations’ for people, so windsurfing or kitesurfing doesn’t work if you want to spend the day on the bay with lunch and snorkel gear. So when Stand Up Paddling re-invented itself, it was a perfect opportunity to be able to offer something that could both be skill based, but allow for transporting gear and doing a day trip.

Where do you like to paddle?

I do 90% of my SUPing right here in Kailua Bay ‘cause it offers waves, distance and of course the chance to paddle out to the islands. The other 10% is to do some long distance section of Oahu or a trip to the North Shore for some bigger waves.

What is your favorite local restaurant for an after paddle meal?

Kailua has a ton of good options for food these days from any genre and price range. I’d say Happy Hour at Cactus is your best bet with amazing South America food and drink specials.

What is your favorite local SUP event?

I just watched the Sunset Pro, which is a great event for getting to see some of the world’s best in big surf. I’m also doing my first Kanaka Ikaika SUP race this weekend, which has a huge turnout and should be a lot of fun.

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