Dealer Spotlight - Backwoods Mountain Sports

Backwoods Mountain Sports


711 N. Main Street
Ketchum, Idaho 83340
Phone: 208-726-8818

Main Contact: Andy Munter (Owner), Keith Anspach (Buyer) & Mark Carnes (Buyer)

What got you into the SUP business?

We got into the SUP business after our late buyer, Bruce Weber, saw it at the show, got on a board, and had the time of his life. He immediatly bought a softtop and slowly converted the rest of the shop to the joys of paddling. We are now known as the shop to go to for paddleboarding in the Wood River Valley.

What is your most memorable moment in SUP?

My most memoriable moment in the SUP business is always our donation of paddleboard rentals to Camp Rainbow Gold. Camp Rainbow Gold is a charity group that hosts children with cancer and their families and shows them the joys of central Idaho wilderness. They always take them to our favorite high mountain lakes and have a blast, so we sure enjoy that.

How does SUP complement your business?

SUP has complemented our business in many ways. First off, it has really increased our summer rental revenue. The booming popularity of the sport in our valley has created the challenge of not having enough rentals most weekends, and having to reserve boards is the norm. Second, with the increased rental traffic, its only helped with foot traffic through the store. Third, our mission has always been to support passion. People are having so much fun on these things, its really been fun to see the sport grow in a high mountain town!

Where do you like to paddle?

We love to paddle the Sawtooth Valley! It hosts some of the prettiest, clearest, most picturesque lakes in the country. Lakes like Redfish Lake (which still hosts migrating sockeye salmon who travel more then 900 miles inland!), Alturas Lake, Stanley Lake, and Petite Lake are truly special paddling areas. And with the inflatabel/whitewater scene only getting larger, we are seeing more SUP traffic on the Main and Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

What is your favorite local restaurant for an after paddle meal?

Our favorite after paddling food joint would have to be the deck at Redfish Lake Lodge after a calm moring on the lake. An afternoon beer sitting in the Idaho sun is hard to beat.

What is your favorite local SUP event?

Paddleboarding is so new to our valley, we don't have any SUP events yet. I am hoping to have some fun stuff in the future. We have hosted several demos though, and I would count those as some of my favorite shop events. Watching people of all ages hop on a board and "get it" is fun.

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