Riviera Wins the Pacific Paddle Games Manufacturers CUP!

We took the win in the Manufacturers Challenge at the Pacific Paddle Games! It was a team effort with points coming from the Youth races to the Elite races, Open and Prone races... Everyone paddled hard and we couldn't be more proud of our team.

For years we have had a well rounded team from up and coming Junior paddlers to top Men and Women Elite Paddlers.  We are stoked to be able to provide equipment, advice, and any help we can to this talented group of paddlers.  This win is for the paddlers on Team Riviera as much as it is for their friends and families, Coaches and training partners.  This win was a long time in the making...  We think back to 2012 when we launched a Junior SUP Training Program coached by Mike Eisert now called the Paddle Academy that included 13yr old Shae Foudy, Nick Scheel 13, Conrad Rojas 10, Daniel Russel 16, and Alex Higginson 9.  3 years later these groms are the top paddlers in their age groups with Shae Foudy 16 now finishing 4th overall in the Pro Womens Elite races this weekend!

The Elite Men on Team Riviera had great races as well with Ryan Helm, Brennan Rose, and Felipe Rodriguez all making the Elite race final.  Brennan Rose even took 3rd in the prone race on the all new Riviera RP-12' Prone against some of the fastest prone paddlers in the world...  And he's a Standup Paddler! 

Our Boards and Paddles are feeling really good this year, and we can't wait to come back next year and defend the title.

 Team Riviera Results:

Shae Foudy - 6th Place Tech Race, 3rd Place Distance - 4th Overall

Ryan Helm - Elite - 29th distance

Brennan Rose - Elite -  3rd Prone Race, 23rd Tech Race, 26th Distance

Felipe Rodriguez - Elite - 13th Tech Race, 22nd Distance

Talia Gangini - Elite - 10th Tech Race, 20th Distance

Shelby Taylor - Elite - 9th Distance Race

Sophia Bartlow - Elite - 8th Distance Race

Nick Scheel - Junior Pro - 6th  Tech Race, 4th Distance

Brandon Rambo - Open - 1st Overall Tech Race, 1st Overall Distance

Alex Higginson -  Pro Grom 11-12 - 1st Tech Race, 1st Distance Race

Jade Howson - Junior Pro girls - 4th Tech Race, 3rd Distance

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