Riviera Paddlesurf 2016 Catalog

The New Year is only weeks away...  That means we get to show the world our new line of boards for 2016!

We have been hard at work and we are excited to introduce our redesigned Voyager and Riviera Original Line, as well as a few new shapes including the SUP Surf Models the "El Tigre" and Ryan Helm Signature Model The "Whirling Dervish".  We have also refined the RP-Series raceboards by making subtle improvements to the shape, traction, handle, and construction and without a doubt they are the fastest boards we've ever made.  The Riviera 14' Downwinder shape has been refined slightly to handle rougher water and the new Riviera Racing Composite Construction across our raceboard line has made the Race, Prone, and Downwinder's a few pounds lighter.  We introduced a 12' Prone Paddleboard to the race division...  We have been prototyping this prone board for 2 years now, and are extremely happy with this model.  We took everything that we have learned in the years of designing SUP Raceboards and put that knowledge into the RP-12'-Prone.  The RP-Series SUP inspired rocker, and crowned deck make the RP-12'-prone fast and controllable in all conditions.  The "Fish On!" 12'6' has been a big hit this summer with more and more people getting into SUP fishing and the added features and traction pad are a nice touch to this popular model.  The Coastal Cruiser... The do it all SUP...  The one board quiver... has had some improvements like Diamond traction, graphics, and neoprene handle, but the shape remains a classic!  It doesn't stop there.  We also introduced the Armor-Tech 10'6".  This board is the most durable board we have ever made.  Built of a Seamless Poly Carbonate Shell and an EPS core reinforced with epoxy Kevlar and fiberglass. We've thrown it off the car, dropped it, scratched it, driven cars over it, and it won't ding...  We did push it to it's limits though.  After tossing it off the roof of our warehouse, the 50' fall resulted in a damaged rail.  Needless to say this is the ultimate board for rental operations or someone looking for a board that can withstand a drop or bash into the rocks.

We didn't stop with the boards, we have also improved our Board Bags by switching to Heavy Duty Polyester on all panels and doubled the thickness of the internal padding.  All the straps & handles have been beefed up as well as the new Heavy Duty Coil Non Corrosive Zipper.

Our line of Riviera Paddles has had a few new additions like the Carbon Vantage Adjustable, and the newly refined BUMP Paddle.  The Bump Paddle this year features more blade sizes with the 7.5", as well as ABS edging, the new bump also comes with the Chokehold Ergo Handle.

That's a quick rundown on what's new...  Have a look at the catalog to see the rest.

- Riviera Paddlesurf


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