Dealer Spotlight - Park City SUP

Park City SUP

Location: 1375 Deer Valley Drive South (On water summer location)

Contact: Trent Hickman

What got you into the SUP Business?

I used to live in Costa Rica half the year and surf. I have (temporarily) transitioned out of the shared time between Park City and Costa Rica and SUP keeps me on the water in the mountains.

What is your most memorable moment in SUP?

Sitting around the campfire at the 2010 Tahoe Nalu with Micky Munoz and Chuck Patterson and a whole crew of legends. (the swells that year at the Tahoe Nalu were pretty memorable as well)

How does SUP complement your business?

SUP is our business. We don't sell bikes, we don't do skis, nobody knows more about S,U,Ps. "All we do is paddle"

Where do you like to paddle?

There are so many places I like to paddle, but being alone on a glassy piece of the Jordanelle Reservoir first thing in the morning is a really special place for me to be.

What is your favorite local restaurant for an after paddle meal?

My wife makes the best food. After a big paddle I'm right to the house and looking for last nights leftovers!

What is your favorite local SUP event?

Favorite local SUP event has to be the Paddle Pedal Paddle. It's 5 miles on the SUP, 10 miles on the mountain bike, followed by another 5 miles on the SUP. It just feels really good to finish the race.


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