Introducing the ECO Molded Blank

The ECO Molded Blank is here.

75% of Riviera's Board Production is built of our ECO Molded Blanks. Saving Approximately 2,693,250 Liters of EPS Foam scrap each year. That's a square block of EPS foam 45.64' x 45.64' x 45.64' that we DON'T CREATE. How many foam cups could be made from a 45' foam block that was never made? The answer is zero because it was never made, but imagine if it was. Was your board made of a molded blank?

Since mid 2015 our ECO Molded Blanks have been used on our top 12 Boards. After a trip to our foam supplier's factory we were impressed with the actual manufacturing process of the block of EPS foam that would later be whittled and shaped down into multiple boards. From there we thought why not build a mold that is shaped like our board and not shaped like a rectangle. Boom. The Eco Molded Blank.

Think of how perfect it would be every time, think of how much scrap foam we wouldn't make, how clean would it be, There's no room for error in shaping, can we make colored EPS?, The shell would be so much stronger, it wouldn't absorb as much resin, it won't ding as easy, we could better control weights, how could we be the first to think of this?

From there it got tricky with mold costs and timelines, but long story short, we went for it and now our top 12 styles are built of our Molded Blanks. 

“The major benefits of Molding our Blanks as opposed to shaping them is that we make a perfect shape everytime, we get consistent foam densities with the exterior of blank being Approximately 30% stronger, also we produce essentially no waste or scrap EPS Foam. We use only as much foam as we need to build a board. The traditional way of shaping a board out of a block of foam produces about 2 extra boards worth of waste on top of the 1 board you make. Stretch that out to a production run of 100 Boards... That is 200 extra boards worth of scrap EPS foam.  This is a big step forward in the manufacturing of our SUP’s and we are excited to implement ECO Molded Blanks on the top 12 Boards in our Standup Paddleboard Line.”

-Riviera Paddlesurf

The Eco Molded Blanks come on the following styles in 2016:

9'2 NUGG, Turbo NUGG, 10'6" Original, 10'6 Select, 10'6" Art Series, 10'6" Armor-Tech, 10'6" Stand up For The Cure , 11'6" Original, 11'6" Select  , 11'6" Art Series, 12'6 Voyager, 12'6 Voyager Classic

Scrap from our other boards is sent back to our foam supplier to be recycled back into other plastics, and our goal is to make all our boards with ECO Molded blanks, but 75% of production is where we are today.


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