Riviera Surfboards Available Summer 2016


This summer we are offering our first line of Surfboards.  Riviera Shaper Taylor Rambo, has been making everything from SUP Surfboards, Raceboards, Prone Paddleboards, Shortboards and Longboards for Custom Orders here in San Clemente and we have decided to offer a shortboard and a longboard starting Mid July 2016.

The House Special is a great summer board.  Full Nose, thumb tail, and extra volume make the House Special Paddle well. The low rocker and straight outline makes this board really fast, and the Single to double concave make The House Special Roll from rail to rail easily.  Depending on your size preference the House Special can be a great board for small days if ridden at the same length of you standard shortboard or because of the high volume it can be ridden really short for more high performance surfing.

The Flavor Saver is our Longboard Model.  It starts with the 9' which is a great all around  Longboard for all conditions.  The 7' and 8' Flavor Saver are Mini Longboards and are great for catching a ton of waves and nose riding.  From there we get into the 5' and 6' Flavor saver, and these boards are a bit of a crossover where they are a little short for nose riding but they are incredibly fun to ride.  The 6' Flavor saver is a fun board for mushy surf.  It paddles great, it's super fast, and the pulled in thumb tail makes this board turn great at high speeds. The 5' is also a crossover where it looks like a longboard but surfs more like a fish or surf skate style board.  It paddles well, is super snappy, and skatey. It has so much volume it can be ridden by surfers up into the 170 Lb range.

Riviera Dealers - Contact your Riviera Sales Rep, or Brandon@rivierapaddlesurf.com to place Pre-Book Orders.

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