Maui 2 Molokai


This past weekend the Maui 2 Molokai went down which is one of the best downwinders that you could ask for. Riviera Team Rider Jade Howson and 2 of her friends (Jack Hedden and Ryder Tremble) took on the challenge of this 27 mile journey.


"The Maui to Molokai race was nothing but a dream. We started at Honolula Bay to start the 27 mile journey. The race began with flat conditions, and a crazy rain storm. As we went further in the Paiolo channel the wind started to pick up. There were 20 knots winds and 5ft swells. It was by far the best down winding conditions I've ever raced in. After I finished my first 20 minutes of the race, my friend Jack Hedden was next to hit the water. This was Jack's first race, and he absolutely killed it. Jack did amazing in the downwind conditions and did a really good job of keeping our pace. After Jack was finished, another of my friends Ryder Tremble was up to paddle. As soon as Ryder got in the water the wind direction changed giving him a straight 20 minuets of side wind. Though the conditions were rough, Ryder managed to keep paddling and we didn't loose much time. At the finish of the race, the wind died down and there was only swell to catch. It was a lot harder to go fast on the downwind board in near flat conditions. We finished the race with a time of 4:20:27. When we got to Molokai we had some really good food, then got back on the boat and headed back to Maui. Overall, the race couldn't have been better!"

- Jade Howson

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