Gorge Paddle Challenge


The Gorge Paddle Challenge was this past weekend, and the Riviera team was there in full force with Their RP-Series Racebards [see them here].  It is a big production getting our team riders to and from races with all their equipment, but Riviera Sales Rep Monty Roach made the drive from Southern Ca, with a trailer full of boards up to The Gorge. 

The crew of Riviera Team paddlers this trip included Shae Foudy, Ryan Helm, Jade Howson, Talia Decoite, Nick Scheel, Cyril Burierre, Kim Barnes, and Daniel Russel. 

The team riders chose between our RP-Series Raceboards, or the RP-Downwind Raceboards for the flat water and downwind races. 

Day 1 of the racing Shae Foudy took 4th place with some of the SUP Racing greats.  One of the most impressive results was of Jade Howson...  14 years old and Finished 7th Place in the Course Race, then took 11th place  overall in the double downwind races the following day.

The Men's team had great finishes on day 1 as well with Ryan Helm 21st, Nick Scheel 29, Cyril Burgierre 31, and Daniel Russel 33rd.  Although finishing out of the top 20 doesn't seem that great on paper.  Check out the list of names in the top 40.



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