Races everywhere this weekend

This weekend there were races everywhere!  We did our best to support them, and the Riviera Team divided and conquered events all over the place.

Round The Rock -  Seattle ,WA.

Riviera Paddle surf boards, round the rock sup paddle race

Round the Rock is the biggest Race of the year in the Northwest, and has been for years.  We have been a long time supporter of this race and this year it had a great turn out despite the weather taking a turn for the worse.  The day started out nice then the winds picked up to 25mph making the race impossible for some to finish.  Dan Eberhart and Jeff Underwood do a great job organizing this race.

Margaritaville Cup - Florida

Ryan Helm, Will Connaughton, and Kim Barnes raced the Margarittaville Cup this weekend, with Ryan, and Kim both winning the race on their RP-12'6" and RP-14' Raceboards.  Ryan and Kim teamed up with Kieran Grant to win the team Relay as well.  All in a days work.

California Races

Water Warrior - Oceanside, CA

The Water Warrior Amphibious Assault race is about as unique as it's name.  Part obstacle course through sand pits and floating bounce houses, part SUP Racing in and out through the surf.  This year saw some good competition with Chucky Glynn taking 1st, Riviera Team Rider Nick Scheel taking 2nd, and Trevor Bashor taking 3rd in the mens race.  While Riviera's Shae Foudy & Jade Howson took 1st and 2nd in the women's race.

Shae Foudy

Nick Scheel on the podium.Jade Howson

Beyond the Shore Paddlefest

Beyond the shore paddle fest is a SUP Race and SUP Yoga event that raises awareness to ocean cinservation.  100% of the proceeds go to the foundations listed on their website HERE... http://www.beyondtheshore.org/

Shae foudy took 1st place in the Womens race on her RP-12'6 Raceboard, and Daniel russell took 5th on his Riviera 14' behind, Danny Ching, Slater Trout, Martin Vitry, and Greg Closier.

SUP Jr Games -  Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a large group of SUP Paddlers and Racers, especially a growing crew of junior paddlers.  The youth SUP race The Puerto Rico SUP Jr. Games was this past weekend and the up and coming paddlers were there in full force. Riviera Team Rider Dessiree Hernandez came home with the win on her RP-12'6".



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