The ‘Top 16 of 2016’ — The Finest Female Athletes in the World of SUP Racing

Shae Foudy on the first lap of the PPG Dustance Race...

Here is the list of the top 16 Female racers of 2016 according to

We tend to agree with him considering Riviera's own Shae Foudy, and Jade Howson made the list.  We would have put Kim Barnes, Talia Decoite, Sarah Messina, Desiree Hernandez, Takayo Yokohama, Alex Higginson, Sam Griffin, Ruth Vessler and the rest of the Riviera Pro Womens team, but we could be biased.

Jade Howson went 1st to the buoy in the PPG Elite Final

We expect Shae and Jade to climb this list in 2017 because they are the the youngest paddlers on it, and have plenty of years to develop and perfect their paddling craft.

Shae Foudy had an incredible year with top finishes at Hano Hano in January, 11th at the Carolina Cup, 4th The Gorge Course Race, 7th Gorge Downwind Race, 1st place at The Jamie Mitchel Survivor Race, 3rd Pacific Paddle Games Elite Race Final, 2nd Place PPG Distance Race.

Jade Howson had a breakout year amazing some people with her talent and determination at such a young age.  Jades top finishes in 2016 were 3rd Hano Hano, 7th The Gorge Course Race, 11th Gorge Downwind Race, 12th Olukai, 5th Waterman League World series Final Maui, 7th Pacific Paddle Games Elite Race Final, 2nd Place PPG Pro Junior Technical Race,  2nd Place PPG Pro Junior Distance Race. 

Top 16 Female racers of 2016:

1: Annabel Anderson
2: Candice Appleby
3: Sonni Honscheid
4: Fiona Wylde
5: Shae Foudy - Team Riviera
6: Olivia Piana
7: Angie Jackson
8: Terrene Black
9: Seychelle Hattingh
10: Penelope Strickland
11: Karla Gilbert
12: Laura Quetglas
13: Manca Notar
14: April Zilg
15: Jade Howson - Team Riviera
16: Hannah Hill

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