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Photos: Tyler Rooke


Birth date: June 27, 1990

Hometown: San Clemente, CA.

Started Paddling: January 2013

SUP Surfboard: 7’4” x 25” x 4” Mini Nugg by Taylor Rambo. Started SUP surfing on the 9’2” Turbo Nugg, and then changed to the 8’ Nugget

SUP Raceboard: RP 14’ x 25”

SUP Paddle: Riviera Paddles - VANTAGE 8.5 - Art Series with “Choke Hold” Handle for stand up paddle surfing. BUMP 8.5 with “Choke Hold” for stand up paddle racing

Other Sports & Hobbies: Golfing, School, Fishing and Diving, Camping, all board sports

Quote: “GO BIG and still be able to safely go home”

Sponsors: Riviera Paddlesurf

Social Media: Facebook Page | Instagram Page

Career Accomplishments:


9th Surftech Shootout at Steamer Lane - March

3rd USA Stand Up Championship at Churches - June

5th US SUP Tour Stop #2 at Zuma Beach - July

2nd US SUP Tour Stop #3 at Manhattan Beach - August

6th Stand Up World Tour Trials at Huntington Beach - September

9th Stand Up World Tour Main Event at Huntington Beach - September

1st Ventura Stand Up Paddle Championship at Ventura Point - October

Graduated from Cal State Fullerton with Bachelor’s in Business Finance - December

It was a very good year and a big part of that comes from standup paddling. SUP gave me a different view of surfing far from anything I ever saw from shortboarding or longboarding, also it gave a new motivation in school and my life outside of surfing. I recommend some form of SUP to everyone I meet!