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Birth Date: March 8, 1971

Birth Place: Myrtle Beach, SC

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Started Paddling: 2005 (Ron House pushed me into it. We were called kooks for years. Now people see how great it is, and everybody wants to do it.)

SUP Surfboard: I like my 10'6" gun the best. If I am riding it that means there are barrels.

SUP Raceboard: I do not race, I like to enjoy the view. Downwind paddles exploring the coastline are great.

Other Sports & Hobbies: FAMILY, SURFING, ART, THAT'S IT.

Quote: Life is Good

Sponsors: Riviera Paddlesurf, Ron House, Hoven, OceanEarth, Kialoa Paddles, Guyaki Yerba Matte.

Social Media: Facebook Page | Instagram Page

Career Accomplishments:

Its not my career, I just love to surf. So here are some cool SUP stuff I have done:


- Paddled the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, rapids and all - 225 MILES

- Learned to surf standing river waves.


- Explored the Pacific Northwest, Lots of mysto spots perfect for stand up, sometimes seemed too big and cold for regular surfing.


- Explored the North Island of New Zealand on my SUP, scored epic Ragland.

- Surfed in Samoa on some big tubes.

- Charged the Mexican Pipeline in Puerto Escondido, in the first SUP contest.


- Explored the South Carolina coast on my SUP

- Scored huge epic Hurricane surf in Daytona Beach while at the Boards and Waves expo, showed everyone what suping was all about.


- Did the first paddle around Manhattan with Ron House and Gerry Lopez - 28 MILES. It was a great way to view New York.


- Took my SUP to New Jersey, Florida, North and South Carolina for first time, I do not think anybody had even seen one there yet. Everyone would ask me what is was that I was doing.

- Took my SUP to Costa Rica and explored some outer reefs and Mysto secret spots.


- Began SUPing with Ron House in and around San Clemente. Enjoyed that it got me in the water more often and kept me fit. We were heckled by everyone for years. So we surfed the power plant by ourselves. Downwinders were great, we would get dropped off in Laguna and paddle home.