We pride ourselves on improving everything we build. Every SUP session we evaluate and determine what new materials, construction and design technologies will evolve our products to the next level. We use the technology that is best for the application and, in doing so; we create products that make paddle boarding more enjoyable for all of us.


We are driven to make the highest quality SUP’s in the world for ourselves and our customers. Whether it's a touring, racing or surfing specific SUP we take extra care in testing and refining our designs with the goal to make the fastest, lightest, strongest, or most high performance SUP’s in the world. Riviera Shaper Taylor Rambo with our team of experience paddlers experiment and refine our shapes all year and have been doing so for nearly 10 years. We are confident that our SUP surf and raceboard models are the highest performance SUP’s on the market.


We take time to get things right. Our name is on the line, so we follow development and testing procedures for all our products. We took 2 years to develop a honed RP-Raceboard that we felt was ready to be introduced into the race community. Our SUP development never stems from an outside source, and it never stops.  We take our time designing, building, and testing everything here in our San Clemente, Ca. headquarters and out on the water where we craft every detail into what makes our brand.


We are continuously experimenting with new ideas and feedback that constantly flow into Riviera from pro riders, employees, dealers and customers. Oftentimes these experiments turn into cutting-edge products that are a first for the SUP market, a product series to fill a void in the industry, or simply something fun that we enjoy paddling.

Riviera Innovations:


Riviera’s mission is not only to provide the highest quality SUP boards around the world, but also to make our products and processes environmentally friendly.

Our latest leap in an environmental friendly direction is our new molding process which eliminates excess foam waste. Typically 5 SUP boards are cut from 1 large EPS foam block, 33% of which becomes boards while 67% becomes scrap. Riviera’s Eco Molded Blanks are a single pressure mold which leaves zero EPS foam waste. This new process is not only environmentally friendly, but creates a denser foam blank which is stronger and lighter than traditional foam blanks. Another benefit to this process is it allows Riviera to reproduce a consistent desired board shape with 100% accuracy.

We are proud to make Riviera SUP’s from our Eco Molded Blanks in an effort to help conserve and protect our natural resources.

Chokehold Replacement Handle:

After noticing a trend of paddlers gripping with the upper hand below the paddle handle we began developing the Chokehold replacement handle. This aftermarket extended ergo paddle handle is great for adding torque in your stroke by choking down on the paddle when paddling in sprints, into the wind, or getting into waves. The Chokehold is easily added to a existing paddle without having to shorten the overall paddle length.

The BUMP Paddle:

Loosing a grip on your paddle is incredibly frustrating, especially in a key situations. This reason is why we developed the first performance paddle incorporating a comfortable grip pattern into the shaft. The Riviera Paddles - BUMP Paddle has a carbon fiber weave spun around the shaft for a unmatched lower hand grip.

The Sprout Paddle:

As a SUP family we needed a performance paddle that would fit our growing children, so we introduced the very first Youth Paddle called The Sprout. A paddle made specifically for kids, the Riviera Paddles - Sprout Paddle is an adjustable height paddle with a 6.5" blade width and a smaller diameter shaft that fits the small hands of children. The introduction of this paddle allowed children to enjoy and advance their paddling skills.

Youth Race Program:

Based in San Clemente, Ca. we are at the beach, in the lineup and part of progressive weekly programs to help grow the sport of SUP through our youth. Seeing the lack of race boards for smaller individuals we where one of the first companies to add a Youth 11’ race board, quickly followed by our youth 12’6” RP-Raceboards with narrower board widths and lower volumes.