1 oz Epoxy Ding Repair Kit

1 oz Epoxy Ding Repair Kit - This Epoxy Cures in minutes when exposed to the sun!

A faster method for repairing all types of surfboards, especially epoxy. Sun Cure® Fiberfill Epoxy is used straight from the tube, no mixing or adding cloth needed. Our proven formula is very UV stable and provides a permanent repair. Contains 1oz. SC Epoxy Fiberfilled resin, applicators and a 2 grade sanding pad.


Using Sun Cure™ fiberfill resin:

  1. Remove all moisture, loose particles and dirt from the repair area.

  2. Rough sand the surrounding area to allow resin a secure bond.

  3. In the shade, apply the needed amount of Sun Cure™ to the repair with an application stick. Make sure to work out any air bubbles and form the resin to the repair.

  4. For flat surface or rail dings apply the clear plastic cover sheet over the resin to mold the surface and create a no-sand finish. (Note: Make sure to take each side of the cover sheet to hold in place.)

  5. Expose the repair to sunlight (If you can see a shadow, Sun Cure™ will work).

    • Bright Sun: Gel 15 seconds – Full cure 4 to 6 minutes

    • Partial Sun: Gel 25 seconds – Full cure 6 to 8 minutes

    • Light Overcast: Gel 45 seconds – Full cure 12 to 20 minutes

      • (Note: when using Sun Cure™ in intense summer sun, thick repairs may need to be taken in and out of the sun every minute to avoid excessive heat build-up to avoid cracking.)

  6. Make sure resin has completely hardened before removing the plastic coversheet or sanding. Sun Cure™ has a tack-free surface that will allow an easy sand finish.

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