Chokehold - Extended Ergo Bump Paddle Handle - 26mm & 29mm

The after market Chokehold Extended Ergo Bump Paddle Handle is great for those who like to choke down on the paddle in sprints or into the wind for added torque in your stroke.  The Chokehold is easily added to your existing paddle...  because the Chokehold paddle handle is longer than a typical handle you can cut below your existing handle and add the new Chokehold without having to shorten your overall paddle length.

The Chokehold is available in two size options to fit all 29mm or 26mm shaft diameter paddles. The 29mm Chokehold will upgrade all fixed length 29mm shaft Riviera Paddles as well as any other brand paddle with a 29mm diameter shaft. Our 26mm Chokehold is the essential performance upgrade for our 26mm BUMP Flex paddle.



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